Aluminum Truss Entranceways and Exits for Large Events

Times have changed, crowd management and security has become a top priority at any event that draws large crowds into tight quarters. Proactive crowd control and Aluminum Truss Entrances Bannersecurity measures must be implemented to reduce the risk of terrorism, illegal activities and increase personal safety. This is where many event facility managers have installed large modular aluminum truss entranceways, archways and exits manufactured by Versa Truss.

Aluminum Archways and Entrances for Crowd Control

Crowd management must take into account all the elements of an event especially the type of event (circus, sporting, theatrical, concert, rally, parade, etc.), Crowd Control Aluminum Truss Entranceways Bannercharacteristics of the facility, size and demeanor of the crowd, methods of entrance, communications, and queuing. Aluminum truss entrances and exits can and will provide all of these elements to manage large crowds. People are creatures of habit and will by nature follow signage and guided pathways if correctly displayed. Nothing stands out more than a truss entranceway with large banner signage that will instantly grab the attention of patrons as they approach the event facility.

 Truss Structures Support Security Management

The entrances and exits to the large events must be clearly identified and easily visible to all event participants. Large truss entranceways fabricated by Versa Truss Security Truss Archway Entrance Aluminum Trussprovide the perfect means for security management teams to monitor all individuals entering an event as well as ensure there are no illegal substances or harmful weapons entering the venue. Aluminum truss entrances will funnel large crowd’s thorough pre-determined checkpoints where security can set up proper monitoring equipment that may include metal detectors and in some cases ex-ray equipment as found at airports, some schools and event facilities. In addition as the crowd is queued through these checkpoints, individuals can be requested to have their bags and themselves searched by security personnel before entering the venue.

As much as a truss entrance structure offers a welcoming venue for the average patron, it is also a deterrent for individuals looking to bypass security measures.

Using aluminum truss entrances, exits and archways just makes good sense when it comes to any type of security requirement where large crowds must be safely managed.

 Truss Entrances and Advertising Opportunities

More and more event organizers are experiencing the benefits of installing large truss entrance structures and exits at event locations like arenas, stadiums, race tracks, Advertising Banner Truss Archway Aluminum Truss Entrance Promotional Signagegolf courses and entertainment parks. Organizations will pay big dollars to place large banners on these truss structures because every patron attending the event must pass through the archway to enter the facility and will be directly exposed the banner promotions. In addition, many event facilities have numerous sponsors depending on the event in question; truss entrances provide an excellent foundation for banner management. Large banners can be interchanged in minutes giving organizers the ability to run multiple events within a short timeframe with multiple sponsors.

When it comes to large crowd management, security and safety with the additional benefit of advertising

revenue at large sporting facilities and entertainment parks, an aluminum truss structure encasing entrances and exits manufactured by Versa Truss is a must have addition to your existing control and promotional management plan.

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