Get the Display System that Grows When You Grow

VersaTruss exhibit and display truss modular truss display systems not only offer convenience and strength as well as great looks but the ability to grow your display as your business grows.

Each and every modular component is designed to be completely interchangeable however it does not stop there. As your business grows and your display needs change, increasing the size of your display footprint is as easy a phone call, but in many cases exhibitors want something different, they want to break down the bearers and create a display that is structurally different than the competition.  The VersaTruss system gives you this flexibility by offering you the ability to add intricate truss components including compound angles, curves, and full circles to your existing structure.

Imagine having the ability to take a standard square or rectangle display and create curved corners, angled roof lines or individual rooms for that matter simply and economically. Further, as your display grows, making a number of smaller displays from one big one is also an option for smaller shows or multiple same day locations.

In addition, taking your display to the great outdoors is no problem. The VersaTruss modular display truss system is at home indoors as it is out. The structural aluminum display booth components can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

When it comes to flexibility, creativity, strength, durability and cosmetically great looks, no other system can compete with the VersaTruss modular aluminum truss display system.

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