Nikon –Pushing the Trade Show Truss Industry to New Limits

When it comes to Trade Show Booths and Modular Aluminum Display Truss, Nikon figured out the advantages of lightweight display truss incorporated into their trade show booths over a decade ago and continue to create their spectacular exhibits using aluminum display truss as the foundation for their magnificent exhibition structures today.

Nikon is grounded in the latest opto-electronics and precision technologies, their products and solutions help build a better society. Famous for their extensive line of cameras and binoculars, did you know they also manufacture the equipment used to fabricate semiconductors found in your PC and smartphone? And that they make measuring instruments that detect microscopic defects in electronic components. How about Nikon’s equipment that is used by researchers who study living iPS cells to find applications that will benefit medicine or measuring instruments that improve quality, reliability and safety in products from electronic components to automobiles and airplanes. Nikon has more than 90 group companies that have been established in the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond. Finally, they also have literally thousands of custom products that have traveled in space, to the moon and beyond.

My point of this is that Nikon understands technology, they know what the world wants and needs, they have based their business model on success and their tradeshow booths, exhibits and display structures are no exception.

Just peruse the slide show below, the Nikon promotional team is considered one of the best in the world, they not only know the benefits of using display truss in their exhibits, but they push the boundaries knowing that this versatile product will live up to and exceed their expectations.

From expansive curves, full circles, hexagons, octagons, triangles, cubes, peripheral truss, lighting truss, archways  and more, Nikon has pushed the limits, but just when you think they have exhausted all of their avenues, they come up with a new exciting configuration, shape or structure for their next trade show truss exhibits.

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