Portable Modular Truss Trade Show Booths

Portable Modular Trade Show Booths, The best of both worlds!

VersaTruss offers one of the most versatile trade show booths available on the market today. Offering both modularity and portability their truss product line is hard to beat.

Portable Truss Trade Show Booths ModularEach and every component of their truss trade show booth system is modular by design. Each component is designed to slide together with ease making assembly a simple task. They achieve this by manufacturing all of their products using precision fabrication fixtures that insure repeatability throughout their fabrication process. What this means for their customer base is that their components are not only interchangeable but a truss component that was fabricated thirty years ago will mate with a component manufactured today and tomorrow.

Imagine the advantages of having a trade show exhibit that you can increase in size or customize at any given time simply by adding additional components. One of the other advantages to the Versatruss system is that many of our customers have a 10 x 20 truss booth for example, but due to space restrictions, some shows only allow 10 x 10 structures. The VersaTruss 10 x 20 structure can easily be reduced to a 10 x 10 structure at any given time giving exhibitors complete freedom over their exhibit footprint.

Portability is just a given when it comes to the Versatruss system. Not only are all of the components modular but are completely portable. Fabricated out of lightweight structural aluminum, each component weighs a fraction of the tradional weight of a trade show booth yet is extremely strong and resilient to wear and tear. Assembly and disassembly takes minutes yet the structure is extremely robust and can easily withstand the weight of heavy accessories for example flat panel monitors and solid signage.

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