Winterlude Ottawa Canada Embraces the Versa Truss Modular Truss System

Winterlude in Ottawa Canada is an international celebration of winter. It attracts over 700,000 visitors many of which are international travelers that want to take Winterlude Information Stands Aluminum Truss Ottawa Versa Trussin the international ice sculpture competition and of course skate on the longest skating rink in the world.

Organizers of this incredible winter wonderland celebration have embraced the Versa Truss modular truss system for years. You don’t have to walk far to see the Versa Truss product line as every entrance into Confederation park has a welcoming truss archway that is manufactured from custom aluminum truss by Versa Truss.

But it does not stop there. Organizers have realized the value of investing in the Versa Truss modular truss system. For years they used wood and temporary structures that had to be replaced year after year increasing the overhead costs of the celebration.

Choosing the Versa Truss system not only allows organizers to re-use the truss year after year saving thousands of dollars in structural design and creation, but the Versa Truss aluminum truss system has proved itself time and time again to be an extremely high quality product that can not only withstand the test of time but is extremely resilient in harsh weather conditions without losing its attractive luster.

Truss Entrance Archway Versa Truss WinterludeEach entrance to Winterlude has an attractive truss archway that clearly identifies the location of each event and can be seen from afar. For the locals that attend the festivities year after year, the archways serve as a simple attractive entranceway For international attendees the archways serve a more important purpose. Winterlude celebrations are held in downtown Ottawa, the archways serve as a landmark that can be seen from long distances giving out of town patrons a sense of direction when in search of the famous celebration.

As patrons stroll through the grounds or enjoy a long invigorating skate winding their way through the 7.8 kilometres of pristine natural ice surface, you can see the contributions that Versa Truss has made to make this a successful two week celebration.

Ottawa Canal Winterlude Versa Truss Map StandThroughout the ice surface itself you will see portable truss stands that have maps of the celebration area, no worry of getting lost as these stands are  prominent at every junction of the journey down the canal. Further emergency stations, food courts and places to get out of the cold are all clearly identified by signage mounted on modular truss structures and banner stands.

Ice Sculpture Identification Plaque Winterlude Versa TrussAfter your journey down the canal you will want to take a stroll through the Crystal Garden, this is where you will find the amazing ice sculptures created by international competitors. Even here you will find the Versa Truss aluminum truss system. Each sculpture has a plaque describing the sculpture, identifying the artist and country that is mounted securely on a truss section.

City hall Ottawa Versa Truss Modular Aluminum TrussFinally as you your day is over and you are heading home, you won’t miss the massive permanent aluminum truss structure that is mounted outside of the Ottawa City Hall. The city of Ottawa is famous for its numerous celebrations throughout the year. The main truss structure outside of city hall is used to identify and promote all of the wonderful celebrations throughout the year.


Versa Truss is proud to be a part of the Winterlude celebration in Ottawa as well as numerous other celebrations throughout the year.


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