Sophisticated entranceways and finish lines

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing demand for more sophisticated entranceways and finish lines. Sponsors and event planners are constantly looking for a practical user-friendly way to showcase the entrance to special events. The type of aluminum truss made by Versatruss allows for a lightweight structural way to achieve this. The many options available allow the client to customize their needs and create areas to advertise their products or the products of sponsors.

Versatruss has been specializing in this market for two decades and continually is seeing more educated purchasers looking for these structures. As companies realize the potential of a truss system and the advantages of its durability and modularity, they are turning to truss over other options such as wood.

The ability to design and change these structures easily allows for future flexibility as requirements continually change. The superior look and presence created by these truss structures is becoming much more widely used and preferred especially by those in the graphic and banner industries. The truss is the perfect product to professionally attach graphics, signs, banners and even monitors too.



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