The Trade Show Booth Bible – Top 10 Steps for Success

At VersaTruss your success is our success. With over thirty years in the truss trade show booth business, we Trade-Show-Top-Tips-For-Successhave repeat customers that have been with us since day one. We take pride in our products and providing exceptional customer service.

Choose from our modular truss trade show booths and systems or have us create a complete customized structure to meet your exhibit needs. VersaTruss is a full service aluminum display and lighting truss manufacturer. All of our products are fabricated in North America so you are sure to be shopping at home.

The following is a list of the top 10 steps that are required to position yourself to be successful in your trade show exhibit career.
1)      Make sure you participate in the trade shows that suit your product offering. In other words, don’t attend a trade show focusing on landscaping and try to sell boats.

2)      Prepare your trade show booth in advance. Find a location that has enough room to completely setup your exhibit including graphics, multimedia and lighting. Pack everything in a logical order to insure you have everything you need when it comes time to set up at the trade show.

3)      Arrive at the trade show early and get everything set up in advance. Put all the finishing touches in place, test your monitors, lights and sound system: then it’s time to relax. Most trade shows are typically four days long, “Thursday to Sunday” so take advantage of the down time to prepare yourself and your team for the long hall.

4)      Promote yourself and your exhibit before the trade show. Have signs up in your store advertising your presence and potential sales at the trade show and potentially run an article in the local newspaper.

5)      Create a show special, put one of your key products on sale and promote it as a door crashing sale. This will drive people to find you exhibit and create outward conversations before the show starts.

6)      Promote a contest in your booth; offer a free product on a draw. Use the ballets as a way to get email addresses and contact information of potential clients. Above all come through on your contest and make sure you communicate the winner in your store and on social media. Also letting people know that the winner will be announced at a pre-defined time on your social media sites is a great way to gain additional followers.

7)      Make sure you staff are properly trained and product savvy. Be friendly to everyone that passes by and enters your booth. Make sure you smile at all times.

8)      Never under any circumstances eat within the confines of your exhibit. This is one action that many people find offensive and will steer clear of your exhibit.

9)      Make sure your booth is presentable at all times, clean organized as well as your staff. Set a dress code for your employees, causal business is the best.

10)   Most of all have fun and enjoy yourself. If you are having fun your patrons are more likely to return for a second look.

VersaTruss has been in the business of helping exhibitors create professional trade show booths for over thirty years offering a wide range of truss trade show booth kits and custom display truss.

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