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The world is forever changing, technology is continuously advancing at a pace never seen before and there doesn’t seem to be an end on the horizon anytime soon. But Caveman Trade Show Boothsin the world of change and growth, some things were just meant to be.

Take for example aluminum display truss, companies have tried to create lightweight plastic fold up display booths. Great idea except there are two problems, the plastic does not last and have you ever tried to lift a fold up 10×10 display booth made from plastic. Yes it’s lightweight but define lightweight when you have to lift the complete structure when it is folded down.

Next we have the fiber displays, and yes they are lightweight, but their life expectancy is short due to lack of resilience to wear and tear, the exhibit becomes frayed very quickly and god forbid if you happen to nick one of the components, you’re in for a real surprise when you try to replace it.

With the exception of the original trade show booths that were created in the stone ages and of course lets not forget the wood era, aluminum truss exhibit booths haveWood Trade Show Booths been around for years. When I say years, I mean there are trade show booths still in full operation that are over thirty years old. In addition most companies that spend the money on one of the other options learn very quickly why experienced exhibitors stick to the standard truss exhibit booth.

So let’s examine why the aluminum truss trade show booth is still a worldwide standard after decades of use.

First is cost, once you purchase your aluminum truss trade show booth, you will have it for life. Changing it or expanding it is simply done by adding more components so your initial outlay is never lost nor is your initial outlay overly expensive.

Trade Show TrussResilience, unless you have Godzilla assembling and disassembling your exhibit booth, the truss components will last a lifetime. Ok you might want to avoid running them over with your car, but in reality, aluminum display truss is very strong and in most cases will recover from the odd accident without issue.

Versatility, well it’s really up to you when it comes to appearances. Exhibit truss booths are easily accessorized and re-accessorized; many companies have numerous exhibits and signage that they use allowing their display to look completely different depending on the audience and size of trade show. Further, many small companies will purchase a trade show booth together and share its use. This only works however if you are in completely different industries.

Ease of assembly, not that I recommend it, but any 10 year old can easily walk around with a length of truss in their hands, it is not only extremely strong, but isCustom Exhibit Truss lightweight. If you purchase quality truss, it will slide together effortlessly. A 10×10 or 10×20 aluminum exhibit booth can easily be assembled by one person.

Last but not least, there is the obvious question of customization. For the most part, aluminum exhibit truss wins again. Aluminum truss can easily be fabricated in curves, circles and intricate shapes.

For the above reasons, experienced exhibitors big and small turn to display truss almost every time. Many started out with one of the other exhibit systems, but most end up with a beautiful aluminum truss structure.
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