Versa Truss Modular and Custom Trade Show Booths for 30 years

Versa Truss has seen an increase in both larger structural truss trade show booths and smaller trade show booths over the last 24 months. This has been attributed to a number Vof driving factors.

Initially the economy has played a key role as the global recession enters a recovery phase which has spawned not only new companies but existing companies to increase their marketing efforts and expand their promotional activities. Trade shows are seeing an increase in public interest and in some cases setting record attendance levels.

For larger companies looking to expand or re-configure their existing structures, the Versa Truss modular system thrives in this arena as it easily lends itself to both simple to major changes without configuration complications. In addition adding custom components re: curves, full circles angles etc. and additional accessories further keeps customers happy, attracts new customers and keeps costs down.

For smaller companies however, the Versa Truss modular system offers an added bonus. Versa Truss enjoys a long industry history of high quality and product longevity but additionally their entry level modular truss kits and booths are competitively priced positioning smaller companies for ongoing success as they are completely expandable at affordable prices allowing these companies to grow and thrive in a competitive market at a fraction of the cost of other comparable trade show booth solutions.

Adding larger footprints, increasing heights or for that matter adding new levels and custom components are the main reason why trade show booths manufactured twenty or thirty years ago are still in operation and in most cases have been reconfigured numerous times throughout their lifespan.

Within the trade show industry, you would be hard pressed to attend any display show or trade convention that does not have a wide variety of Versa Truss display truss products in attendance.


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