VersaTruss at the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge

Watch for VersaTruss at the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge. Britten Services has engaged VersaTruss to create three portable kiosks that will be VersaTruss Truss Golf Courseerected on the Orange County Golf Course for a number of venues. VersaTruss was chosen for this project not only for their high quality truss products and resilience to extreme weather conditions but also for their portability.

The three kiosks that are sponsored by Taylor Made will be moved to different locations throughout the year for different activities and events. The Kiosks will measure approximately 6′ x 6′ x 10′ and will be used to apply advertising banners throughout the golf course.


The style of aluminum truss structure that Britton services and Taylor Made have chosen, lends itself to easy application of advertising and banners and further the banners can be updated in minutes as required for different events and changing requirements.

VersaTruss Kiosk Truss Structure Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge

Assembly and dis-assembly of the kiosks is simple and quick making them the perfect choice when it comes to a large structure that must be portable yet stable.

A new look for The Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge thanks to VersaTruss

In addition to the three truss kiosks that VersaTruss has fabricated and delivered, a massive 140’ aluminum truss entranceway has been fabricated for the front throughway to the golf greens as a focal point as patrons and guests alike enter the Orange Country National Golf Center grounds. Taylor Made will be placing large banners on the permanent aluminum truss structure as a major sponsor for the course itself and independent tournaments.

So next time your heading to the Orange Country County National Golf Center and Lodge and drive through the new truss entranceway or are enjoying one of the new truss kiosks out on the greens, take a close look at the craftsmanship in these detailed truss structure and remember the name VersaTruss.

For more information about the VersaTruss Modular and Custom Truss systems contact us today


VersaTruss Truss Archways Entrances

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