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At VersaTruss customer service is at the forefront of our operations at all times. It is critical that our customers have a full understanding of what are products do and what they are purchasing.


We pride ourselves as a company knowing that our customers not only are receiving a superior North American made product but are getting the best value for their dollar. Our sales team will go the great lengths to insure your display needs are kept within defined budget.

We stock an incredibly large inventory of our modular components and our warehouse has the capability to handle same day shipments to meet your needs.

But what about custom requirements? With the versatility and wide range of applications for our products, it would be virtually impossible to stock every configuration. Our custom shop offers the latest and greatest equipment to form, bend, twist and shape any configuration of truss to meet your custom needs.  Intricate and complex compound angles are considered the norm in our custom facility.

1-1-VersaTruss Circular Truss

As you read on, keep an open mind and use your imagination to create your vision.

Imagine, having the ability to create a display structure that is exactly how you envisioned it. Maybe it is as simple as a typical square trade show booth that is of a standard size, well your job ends here and we will ship immediately. But wait, you need a curved canopy, maybe a full circle truss background, oh and let’s not forget custom back rails to mount multiple hardware or electronic accessories. The there is the potential for footprint changes and upper or lower levels. All of these situations are easily incorporated simply by adding additional components.

Then you ask, this structure might be used outside on occasion. Not a problem, our products are well suited for both indoor or outdoor applications. They will withstand extremely harsh weather conditions including, rain, snow, ice and hail and wind with the right accessories.


In addition many of our competitors products becomes difficult to assemble in extremely hot or cold weather. With VersaTruss, all of our products are manufactured from structural extruded aluminum with no seams. Each mating component is precision manufactured to ensure ease of assembly under all conditions.

As you can see, VersaTruss offers a lifetime of unmatched customer satisfaction. We have over 30 years of happy customers that come back year after year.

Easy Assembly – Modular by Design – Resilience to ALL Conditions – Lightweight – Cost Effective.

Isn’t it time you experienced the VersaTruss Difference.

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