Why Add a Truss Trade Show Booth Too Your Company Branding Process?

Exhibit and display truss products are widely used throughout the tradeshow industry to highlight a company and their overall branding value. But for those with limited understanding and experience in the trade show industry, it’s important to understand the advantages of  truss display products / systems and the unique value they can bring to branding campaigns. With this in mind, we will proceed by presenting three main advantages of adopting a truss exhibit in your trade show branding showcase.

Flexibility For Today And Into The Future

Truss displays have the ability to be optimized in unique configurations for each and every event, offering the capability keep your branding message consistent yet offering a different view and a unique fresh outlook at each venue. This is important when reaching out and focusing on specific subsections of a target audience, and helps prevent your campaigns from becoming visually stale.



The Day Of The Event And The Days To Follow

Well the trade show has come and gone, and your truss exhibit is packed up and transported back to your retail store…What now? A truss display structure is ideal to accent your brick and mortar footprint. By using your truss display in your store, you are getting the most out of your investment and  ensures the display is being used year round and not just at event venues so your investment is in use at all times. . Using the truss display at the store will mean your team becomes more adept at creating a lasting impression with the system…. A truss display’s structure is ideal for use within your store.

The Journey Is Long

When you first enter the trade show environment, typically your schedule will focus on venues that are geographically appealing, meaning they are close. But as your business grows your needs will grow to and reaching out to the other side of the country or a different country will become increasingly attractive. Truss systems are among the most portable display options within the marketplace, because the system can be broken down into smaller pieces and easily packed, it offers a unique feeling of freedom to move from place to place without concern, plus the truss itself is extremely resilient so it travels well


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