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In today’s competitive market banner stands and popup tents displaying logo’s etc  have become a standard at sporting events, colosseums, sport parks and concert halls alike. Many shopping centers now deploy this style of portable structure for special events, sales and information stands just to name  few alternate applications.

The problem is that the standard pole type pop up tent does not stand up to the rigorous requirements of this style of marketing deployment, further they are typically susceptible to weather conditions that by design cannot withstand and display  unfavorable cosmetic and structural fatigue quickly.

This is where the display truss structure comes into play. Aluminum display truss assemblies bring to the table favorable characteristics that other display options simply do not offer.

First and foremost, public safety is critical. Truss assemblies are exceptionally strong. They can be mounted permanently, semi permanently or completely portable depending on the application. In all three cases the base attachment method is different but simple and cost effective.

Banners must be interchangeable depending on the venue and options must be easily swapped in and out depending on the immediate requirements.

Lets take a closer look at some examples:


Game Day ESPN / XBOX Outdoor Exhibit

For the college game day, the requirement is to have an outdoor display that offers outside resilience, banner capability, with sound system and cameras. The display truss tent structure lends itself perfectly for this application. Its inherent lightweight makes is easy to setup and teardown yet offers complete weather resilient characteristics.

Super Bowl Game Day Structure

Similar to the ESPN / XBOX structure, the Super Bowl 50 had many outside displays fabricated from the VersaTruss product line that were strategically erected throughout the Levi Stadium when the Denver Bronco’s defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10. Again, similar to the above example, this outdoor structure housed banners for game day, sound system and monitors.

Silver Lakes Tournaments

In the case of Silver Lakes Tournaments, they were looking for a semi-permanent application. Because the Silver Lakes Sports complex is so large with so many playing field options including golf, soccer and football to name a few, the specifications called for a semi-permanent structure that may be moved daily, weekly or monthly depending on their busy schedule. This structure for the sake of better words is a portable retail outlet for sporting apparel and equipment.

Dover Downs International NASCAR Speedway

Now that in some US states gambling is legal at sporting events, the Dover Downs NASCAR International Speedway required a permanent structure to house their gambling equipment outside but with this said, it also had to be customizable depending on the event in question. Below is the concept drawing of what was manufactured by VersaTruss  to house the equipment and provide a comfortable venue for patrons wanting to take part in onsite gambling.





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