Planet Fitness and Versatruss – Exhibit and Display Truss For Monitors

Planet Fitness has been a long-time customer of VersaTruss.  From overhead monitor mounts in some cases mounting upwards of 40 monitors per linear length of truss for patrons viewing pleasure in their treadmill and step areas to customized lighting highlighting specialized equipment to banner frames identifying specific areas and information signage.

In any case the VersaTruss you can rest assured the VersaTruss product line is in just about every Planet Fitness throughout Canada and the US.

As each franchise is individually owned the basic setup of each gym is basically the same as stated by the Planet Fitness planning team. This provides a generic form, fit and function no matter what location is visited and more important  insures a common positive experience among locations internationally.

As much as the basic theme stays the same many gyms have chosen to customize their location with specialized lighting, signage and monitor combinations. This is where the VersaTruss modular and custom truss product line comes into play.

From a VersaTruss point of view, we can manufacture any size, configuration or design of truss required. From curved and full circular designs to complex compound angles and more. The manufacturing capability of VersaTruss combined with high quality and appealing price point has made VersaTruss the sole source for all Planet Fitness exhibit and display truss needs.

From a Planet Fitness point of view the 10” Triangular Truss configuration with 2” cords and .5 inch webbing was the standard choice however there were many instances of the four cord configuration being used if the span of the truss required extra strength due to load concerns.

Taking A Closer Look

Overhead Monitor truss

When it comes mounting multiple monitors in an overhead location for viewing at a distance, there is no better option then aluminum truss. The truss can easily support the weight requirements of many monitors, as a matter of fact it would be impossible to mount more monitors on the truss then it could handle simply because there is not enough room to overload the truss, the suspension mounts are what counts when the truss is installed to support the weight. As can be seen in the photo above and below numerous large monitors can be mounted without concern. In addition, the monitors can be re-directed at any time plus they can be re-located as requirements change.

In the case of the photo below, this particular Planet Fitness location had a different view on life. They decided to create two workout areas, the area to the left of the truss stand was for treadmills only, the area to the right of the truss stand was for stationary bikes, steppers and sliders.  The advantage of this configuration allows this location to set up different viewing angles for specific equipment configurations and height considerations further enhancing the viewers experience. Further this Planet Fitness location chose to use one of our truss floor stands for their monitors which  provides an additional level of freedom when it comes to re-configuring the floor plan.

As seen below, the monitors are securely mounted to the truss using specially configured monitor mounts. In addition, if you look closely, you can see the power and accessory cords mounted on the top of the truss out of the site of patrons providing a clean professional appearance from their vantage point below.


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