VersaTruss Helps Put Harley Davidson On Center Stage

Harley Davidson was looking for a dramatic means to display their high-profile motorcycles in a show stopping way that would outshine the competition at the upcoming Motorcycle Show promoted by Power Sport Services “You can learn more about Power Sport Services below”. VersaTruss was contacted to create the truss assembly as they are known for their high-end product line and detailed craftsmanship.

This display incorporates two 10 x 20 structures to complete the assembly. Taking a closer look, one of the sections is a 10 x 20 with 6 legs and the second is a 10 x 20 with four legs. The six-leg frame also provides the base for the overhead banner frame. The finalized truss components were then finished in the VersaTruss bullet proof powder coating process in a beautiful matt black finish providing the perfect foundation for the finished Harley Davidson Display.

Below are a couple of pics of the truss assemblies before the accessories were added.

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From the ever-famous Harley Davidson Sportster to their Touring and H-D Street lineup all were spaciously displayed in this award-winning display. Every detail was reviewed which just goes to show you that taking the time to do it right makes all the difference.

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Power Sport Services™ (PSS) is wholly-owned subsidiary of the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council (MMIC) and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV).

Power Sport Services™ focuses on innovation and leading-edge management of the motorcycle, OHV and power sport vehicle shows and the Open Road Powersport Insurance program. The launch of PSS is just one more step toward ensuring success in serving the riding community and industry.

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Power Sport Services™ is the owner of THE MOTORCYCLE SHOWS, six premiere motorcycle and OHV shows held in cities across Canada. The MMIC began producing shows in 1985. The member companies continue to attend, endorse and support the PSS motorcycle shows.

PSS knows a lot about riding and what it takes to “Ride like a Pro”. Each year new and experienced riding enthusiasts attend these Canadian showcase shows to check out what’s new and what’s hot for the upcoming season. Each year enthusiasts are introduced to the latest technology that makes riding fun, safer and good for your health. These are THE MOTORCYCLE SHOWS, a must attend, where there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.


VersaTruss was honored to work with Haley Davidson and their promotional team for such a prestigious show.



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