Best Practices for Your Trade Show Booth

A trade show is an event where buyers and sellers meet. Most buyers attending trade shows come with the intention of gaining information about new products and services. The problem can be that competitors are in very close vicinity, meaning you’re competing every minute for visitor attention. Research and careful planning go a long way towards ensuring a successful showing.

This Post is focused on the person looking to succeed in the trade Show Arena.

Booth location

Most trade shows offer premium locations with an additional charge. If you have the capital funds available then these are typically worth the investment, but don’t overlook some other strategically

beneficial locations that will not break your budget

The end of a row. Typically, the end of a row offers the exhibitor a side face and a front face for their booth.

Corners – Corners offer a unique opportunity as most exhibitors shy away from them, however creating a trade show booth that is built for corners and always taking advantage of the corners at all of your trade shows can offer a unique opportunity. Plus a corner booth requires three sides not four making the booth cheaper to purchase and maintain.

Booth design

Attractive booth design is a must. Use bright colors, make sure your message is clear, get your logo out in the publics eye for branding purposes. If patron come to your exhibit and ask what you are all about, your failing and take the message seriously. Its time to change your presentation.

Approachability of staff

The booth staff should look approachable and must always have a smiling face. Different display options must be visible in a neat and organized manner. There should be enough space for visitors to walk around inside the booth and reach the booth staff. Do not place large tables that consume a lot of space; keep more space for movement instead. Try to avoid having booth staff standing behind a table unless you are directly selling products.

The booth hosts

Booth hosts who are trained to answer simple questions are a must. They can direct potential buyers to appropriate staff members in the booth. Entertainers such as magicians, models or any other type can also attract attention.

Show specials

The show specials are a real benefit and should be highlighted so the buyers know they must make a purchase to receive the special offer or discount. The show special should be posted in a clear manner. Use social media to in advance of the show to get peoples attention.

Promotions and contests

Everybody likes to win, and special promotions, contests and prize drawings will help to attract attention to your trade show booth. Be sure the attendees give out their details for the contest like giving out their business card or filling out a questionnaire or contact form, again using social medial to first get peoples attention and then announcing the winners offers both a short and long term opportunity for communication.

Social media marketing

Social media has become absolutely mandatory in  the trade show industry. Your media plan should be thought out and executed long before the show. Make sure you post often and use hashtags for example if the name of your show is “Housewares New York” Use the hashtak #housewaresnewyork. A great place to understand the shows commonly used hashtags is to go to the show website and look at their blog posts, you will find the correct hashtags there. Using this strategy will highlight your posts in the search engines.

Promotional products

Don’t forget promotional giveaways, People love free stuff. Picking out the right product to give away ensures the investment was worthwhile. It must be relevant to your brand and also practical to the consumer.

Summary Points for A Successful Trade Show

  • Location…location…location
  • Booth Design
    • Bright colors
    • Clear message
    • Proper lighting
  • Well trained approachable staff
    • Well dressed
  • Understand the product line
  • Consistent message


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