Big Stuff Needs A Big Trade Show Booth

Your product line is big, meaning the stuff that you promote, and sell is just plain big. This could be anything from riding lawnmowers, boats and cruisers to heavy equipment, trucks and more. You need a trade show exhibit booth, but what do you do, where do you turn. How do you solve this problem?

We lets think about this for a minute, you can’t just simply go to the trade show floor, park your big rigg and hope for the best, you need a plan, you need signage, defined boundaries, lighting, you just need a big space.

Another issue that typically haunts promoters of big stuff, is that some trade shows are inside, and some are outside, some offer favorable display conditions, some offer conditions that can change in blink of an eye.

Aluminum modular and custom display truss is the only solution that will meet each and every requirement.

Lets take a closer look!

Define your Perimeter – Creating a defined perimeter is easy with the VersaTruss product line. Simply create your boundary with overhead lighting truss. The concept of using overhead lighting truss immediately solves a number of your problems, First and foremost your display boundary immediately is visible. The question of where your exhibit starts and finishes will be clearly defined. Even the roughest, toughest of earth moving equipment comes with a beautiful finish. Each and very manufacturer has a color that defines their trademark. Caterpillar for example is yellow, John Deer is green, Case is Red and so forth. Capturing the beauty of these trade marked colors is easily accomplished by strategically placing lighting throughout your perimeter truss to create the exact  atmosphere that is desired. Signage also can be easily placed on the perimeter overhead truss structure.

How about the indoor vs outdoor problem. Creating two exhibits, one for indoors and one for outdoors is simply not cost effective nor practical. Once again the VersaTruss product lineup comes to the rescue. Each and every truss component is manufactured from aircraft aluminum which lends itself to to the harshest of conditions without concern, rain, sleet, humidity and extreme temperatures both hot and cold will not have any effect on your exhibit truss. Further your truss exhibit is as much at home at the trade show as it is in your showroom.

As you can see the VersaTruss Aluminum Exhibit and Display Truss Line-up offers a full 360 degree solution and compared to other solutions is more cost effective.

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