Trade Show Booths – Build It and They Will Come

Trade Shows are an excellent complement to your conference or educational event. However just because you host it, does not mean people will come. It is not only the organizer of the events responsibility to advertise and invite guests, but also the exhibitors responsibility. Known as generating traffic, the overall communication strategy is critical to the success of the show itself.

Typically, people attend trade shows or conferences for two reasons, to learn about new products or to solve a problem. In both cases if potential clients don’t know who is going to be at the trade show, the chances of achieving a good turnout are to say the least limited.

The organizer of the event will create a detailed schedule of events, however again, each and every exhibitor should also advertise thi own schedule of events to attract patrons directly to their booth for example, contest results, giveaways, demonstrations etc.

Many exhibitors will offer a free giveaway or discount on their next purchase simply for dropping by the booth for a look.

Remember, building it is not enough for them to come. You need concrete strategies to get attendees to spend time on the show floor and to interact with exhibit staff.

Building awareness could be required for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The company
  • The brand
  • A new division
  • New industry
  • New geographical location
  • New product
  • Re-brand, after a merger

Building An Industry Leading Brand:

  • High-end product
  • High-quality manufacturer
  • Innovator
  • High-tech

Building Product / Company  Awareness at a Trade Show

Get a bigger exhibit – People want to see amazing things and the bigger the better, its human nature. One of the main things attendees remember most is booth size.  Get a bigger booth space, and then fill it with a bigger, better visuals to attract your audience.

Impact with Graphics –  Attendees won’t ignore if your exhibit incorporates  bright, bold colors, big images such as photos and illustrations, and easy to read messages.  The fewer elements you put on your exhibit, the larger you can make them, and the more impact they will create.

Three dimensional design – Develop messaging for all public-facing sides of your exhibit. Make your impact on the exhibit side that faces the aisle that will get the most traffic.  The most memorable exhibits use shape that conveys the brand personality, even the company logo in 3 dimensional design.

Messages with structure – Structure your messages in a defined manner that makes sense for example, highest with who you are, then what you do, and finally what you can do for people. Make sure your brands and products are clearly identified.

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