Big Trade Show Exhibits Need Big Exhibit Platforms

Big Trade Show Exhibits Need Big Exhibit Platforms

Large products for example cars, boats, heavy equipment and machinery need special treatment at trade show to be successful. We have all attended a trade show or conference where companies display larger product lines and instantaneously become the center of attention or focal point.

Taking a closer look, these exhibits that are always the center of attention have two things in common. They are displaying a product of interest and they have displayed these products in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.


For larger exhibits, the only solution is a defined border with proper lighting that creates an atmosphere that is spacious and comfortable for potential customers. Typically, whether we realize it or not, human nature guides us to an environment that is not only pleasing to the eye but offers comfort.

For the exhibits that have the following characteristics, modular perimeter truss is the only solution

  • Large products
  • Larger than average exhibit footprint
  • Speciality lighting

Modular aluminum perimeter truss offers an economical solution that will provide a definitive border between neighbouring exhibitors. This border positions exhibitors to place custom flooring within the confines of the perimeter creating a sociological break or “safe zone” within a much larger environment.

The next opportunity for exhibitors is to strategically place their products within the confines of the “safe zone”. Patrons will find this environment relaxing and will linger for a longer period than they normally would providing ample time for sales people to engage in conversation.

The VersaTruss perimeter truss solution provides an infinite opportunity for custom lighting. LED focus lighting can be placed exactly where it is required highlighting products and creating soft shadows within the exhibit footprint.

Trade-Shpw Perimiter-Truss

The perimeter truss theory itself will not only create an atmosphere that positions the sales team to engage potential customers but it also gives exhibitors the opportunity to guide customers through the exhibit on a predetermined path simply by creating an entrance / exit archway with clear signage and applying a combination of strategic artifact and lighting placement to gently guide patrons through a predetermined roadmap.

When it comes to Modular Perimeter Display Truss, nobody does it better than VersaTruss

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