Boat Show Season and VersaTruss

Once again the boating industry is in full swing. From early March and peaking in mid-July water craft manufactures  and marina’s alike  enjoy an explosive barrage of sales throughout this busy season.

This industry relies on three main factors to gain a competitive edge in this highly volatile industry. One is obviously standard advertising practices, two leans towards social media to get the word out but most important is the third, the boat shows.

The boat show offers potential customers the opportunity to see, touch and actually somewhat experience the feel of the crafts by offing an opportunity to sit in the seat and get the feel of the craft.

Both manufacturers and dealers know how important these magnificent shows are and take advantage of every opportunity possible to enhance their offerings. This is where the trade show truss industry comes into play.

Aluminum display truss offers so many advantages this industry when it comes to show and tell time at boat shows across the county.

The truss itself can be manufactured to any size of footprint highlighting the smallest of paddle boats to the largest of yachts. Strategically placed lights, banners and accessories further enhance the potential boat owner’s experience.

Further the modularity capabilities of the truss allow for easy increases and decrese of footprint size depending on the show.

Many dealers don’t stop here however, after the show most dealers will move these incredibly mobile displays back to their show room taking full advantage of their investment all year long.


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