Planning Your Truss Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booths

Planning for success when it comes to trade shows can be a stressful experience. Simplifying this process can be done by first acquiring a modular truss trade show booth.

When it comes to size, trade shows typically rent out their floor space in 10’ x 10’ plots totaling 100 sq. ft. If a larger landscape is required again the sections are released in 10’ x 10’ lots.

Truss trade show booths can be manufactured in virtually any size or shape, however for the beginner, the VersaTruss modular truss kit system are the easiest and fastest way to get yourself started.

The kits can be purchased in any size, however for the beginner; the 10’ x 10’ is the best place to start. If in the future a larger boot his required, purchasing individual parts will increase your booth to the desired size with little to no effort. This is the beauty of a truss trade show booth; their inherent modularity makes them the perfect choice for small to large companies alike.


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