Custom Trade Show Booths

At VersaTruss, custom trade show booths manufactured from aluminum display truss are designed and fabricated in our custom display truss facility.

Custom-Trade-Show-BoothsWe have the capability to fabricate any shape of truss component including complex curves, full circles, long spans and intricate multi-directional corner components.

The process starts with a phone call where our clients will discuss their needs and give us an idea of their vision. Our designers will then start the process of building the booth on our CAD system. The concept drawing is then sent to our customer for review and required changes.

After the concept drawing is approved, VersaTruss will then create all of the component drawings and the
design then enters our custom fabrication shop.

Each component is manufactured individually to precision specifications and all mating components are
pre-checked using inspection tooling to ensure they meet the VersaTruss quality standards.

After all of the components are manufactured, the trade show booth enters our fitting room where the booth is completely assembled.

The final step to complete your custom trade show booth is to number each component for your
convenience and carefully package the components for shipment.

At VersaTruss plus, we take pride in our products. All components must go through a final inspection and fit check before they are released to the shipping dept.

The VersaTruss display truss system is an economical yet long lasting solution for trade show structures. It not only provides a sound foundation that is fully customizable but also has the ability to be changed at any time as all of the mating parts are based on a modular design..

When it comes to cost, the VersaTruss display truss system is shockingly affordable. We have perfected the process to manufacture custom and modular display truss to extremely tight specifications using
structural aluminum yet keep our costs to a minimum. We purchase all of our materials using economic order quantities to keep our material costs as low as possible so we can pass on these saving to you, our customers. The fabrication process has been streamlined to eliminate waste and leave absolutely no room for error which again allows us to keep our manufacturing costs to a minimum.

With a focus on the environment and recycling, VersaTruss has strict rules when it comes to waste. We have not only created processes that reduce and in some cases eliminate waste but we have a strict recycling policy which means everything must be sorted and handled accordingly to virtually eliminate any environmental impact.

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