Exhibit and Display Truss for Custom Trade Show Booths

Imagine having the ability to virtually create any configuration of trade show exhibit booth that cannot only withstand the weight of large signage and accessories but also offers a cost effective solution that can be expanded at any given time.

Aluminum display and exhibit truss offers all of these fundamental characteristics.

In most cases custom display booths are created from a combination of modular components and custom angles or arcs to create the booth foundation, however if required complete customization is easily achieved.

The first consideration when designing a custom aluminum truss trade show booth is to decide on the required truss configuration. For most exhibit booths, three cord truss is sufficient however four cord truss is used for numerous applications where long spans or multiple levels are required.

Example 1

Example 1

Take for example the custom archway / entrance in example 1. This structure was created for the Miami Dolphins football stadium to help guide patrons through entrances and exits, it serves not only as a guide for crowd control but also supports security equipment and advertising.

The Miami Dolphins have erected three of these magnificent structures. Originally one was ordered for their main gate however after realizing the value that it provided to the Miami Dolphins stadium, they have since installed two more at secondary gates.


Curved-Custom-Trade-Show Exhibit-Booth

Example 2

Another great example is this custom dome that was created for Disneyland in Florida. The truss exhibit in example 2 is manufactured entirely from precision custom display truss, each component is precision fabricated to create a stunning eye catching exhibit that really shows up the competition.

In this case each length of truss was curved into a a half circle and then braced with singular support braces horizontally giving the structure a space age appearance.


Exhibit Truss Stage

Example 3

As you can see in example three, aluminum truss is the perfect answer for staging applications. The truss not only creates a professional boundary for the stage but also allows lighting systems to be placed anywhere without concern.





Example four, is a great combination of custom and modular truss. The uprights are the standard modular truss, combined with a custom full circular canopy for a stunning appearance.

Hidden behind the backdrop and monitor are four upright lengths of modular truss allowing for support of the upper canopy and the high definition flat panel projector screen.



This article only touches on the potential applications for display and lighting truss.

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