Truss Car Show Displays

VersaTruss offers a wide range of aluminum truss products in two, three and four cord configurations. Car dealers and car show enthusiasts have shown a growing interest in using displays truss to display their prize vehicles for a number of reasons.

Car-Show-Aluminum-Display-TrussFirst and foremost the truss creates a safe barrier or haven for the car to be placed which keeps other cars at a safe distance. Onlookers tend to stay on the boundary of the truss structures reducing the risk of dirty hands and curious patrons wanting to touch the prized vehicles.

But there is more, the truss itself offers a highly modernized appearance that goes hand in hand with the typical approach and atmosphere that presenters are looking for.  Further, graphics and signage can easily placed on the truss as well as specialized halogen lighting and special effects.A-Car-Show-Aluminum-Display-Truss

No matter what the application, aluminum display truss will far exceed your expectations. For outdoor car shows, the truss offers protection and can easily be covered during days of questionable weather.

Finally, display truss can easily be colored using our patented powder coating process to match the color of the vehicle or add contrast depending on the desired effect. The powder coating not only adds a beautiful finish but can withstand the abuse of day to day use and extreme weather conditions.

Take your auto show or individual vehicle exhibit to the next level with a n aluminum truss structure from VersaTruss

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