A Modern Look for Manufacturing Facilities

Aluminum display and exhibit truss has come a long way over the years. Over the past decade modular display truss has evolved from its traditional home at trade show and exhibitions to a host of new applications that extend from start and finish lines at some of the biggest sporting events worldwide to residential applications for designer Modular Manufacturing Cells Using Modular Alumium Display Trussstructures that not only require resilience to harsh weather conditions but must be stable and lightweight.

As of late, both emerging and large corporations have increasingly found new applications for modular and custom display truss.

With companies looking for a modern look to brand their companies, they are ever increasingly turning to aluminum truss to facilitate their front line signage advertising their site locations. These structures range from simple uprights to complex structures to catch the eye of potential customers.

The growing demand for display truss in the industrial world does not stop at their doorsteps however. Many companies are applying the contemporary appearance of modular truss to their manufacturing facilities in a host of new applications.

Entrance ways inside manufacturing facilities are now being framed in modular truss structures to not only enhance their appearance but to mount appropriate signage for employees and guests alike. Further as manufacturing has turned to dominating their industry sectors by creating focused cells within their operations, modular truss has given operations managers the ability to create physiological boundaries for these cells that house everything from lighting to signage and drop partitions. The advantage to using modular aluminum truss for these applications is that the truss can be reused as manufacturing requirements change giving the facilities the freedom to redesign manufacturing cells as required on a moment’s notice. In addition modular ladder truss is now regularly being used to house tooling and lighting for operators further giving manufacturing facilities a modern and organized appearance.

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