Trade Show Truss Systems

When it comes to Modular Trade Show Truss Systems, VersaTruss has been the industry leader for over three decades.

VersaTruss perfected the modular display truss concept many years ago, and has a long list of happy repeat customers to prove it. We guarantee that any modular component that is purchased today will fit into any mating component from years gone by or into the future.

You would be hard pressed to find a trade show that does not have the VersaTruss Modular Truss System majestically display products and services from the smallest of companies to industry leaders.

VersaTruss makes a product to meet every size of business and their needs from the smallest 10 x 10 free standing truss structure to massive custom booths that incorporate a wide range of modular components and custom additions.

All of the VersaTruss product line is fabricated under the roof of their North  American manufacturing facility. Standard size booths are usually shipped within twenty four hours if not the  same day and custom booths can usually be fabricated within five working days depending on the size and style of truss in question.

The VersaTruss design team is always ready to lend a helping hand. Our facility will build take your existing design and built to print or we can help you design a truss structure to meet your conceptual needs.

If you damage or lose one of our components, replacement is as easy as a phone call. Our customer service team is always ready to support your needs. We can drop ship a replacement component anywhere in North America within 24 hours.

Experience the VersaTruss Difference when you design your next Trade Show Display.

If you are looking to adopt a modern look for your manufacturing facility that also adds functionality and flexibility, contact Versa Truss Today
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