Exhibit Lighting Truss for Retail Applications

VersaTruss has many long term retail customers that use our exhibit and lighting truss for in-store product and display applications.

For over a decade Versatruss has supplied creative exhibit solutions using our aluminum truss system to all new and existing Rooms To Aluminum Exhibit and Lighting Truss for Retail Stores | VersatrussGo franchises with more than 30 locations throughout the United States and have now completed our latest project for the Rooms To Go furniture store in Clermont, Florida.  This particular truss system has been installed in the children’s section of the store to support focused product illumination and display signage. The lightweight aluminum truss is ideal to span 20 to 30 foot applications between columns typically found in commercial structures.

Adding a decorative element, the truss not only creates an environment that fosters simple modification to lighting and signage for store owners, but creates a boundaryAluminum Truss For Retail Exhibits or perimeter for each individual display within the store producing the desired atmosphere for customers. In addition, because of its modular design, as products and exhibits change, the truss can easily be configured to meet the latest requirements and layouts.

Aluminum truss has become increasingly popular in the retail industry. The inherent modular design of our truss system gives storefront designers the ability to create aesthetically pleasing atmospheres that help customers feel comfortable and ultimately increase bottom line sales.

VersaTruss Aluminum Truss for Retail ApplicationsCreating the perfect environment with an ambiance that allows customers to feel comfortable is critical to retail success. Using our lightweight aluminum truss systems gives product staging designers the ability to craft creative exhibits from overhead perimeter and lighting truss to full up truss structures with captivating designs that incorporate intricate curves and angles to catch the customer’s eye.


The VersaTruss product lineup has been used internationally in almost every retail and marketing industry. Contact VersaTruss for all of your light weight custom and modular truss needs.

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