Light Weight Modular Aluminum Lighting Truss

Illuminate your exhibit, concert or fashion show with light-weight aluminum modular or custom lighting VersaTruss-Lighting-Trusstruss from VersaTruss.

Our modular lighting truss has been in service for over 30 years and has been used in applications from small retail requirements to museums, art galleries, concerts and fashion shows.

The VersaTruss lighting truss system can be free standing or suspend from overhead structures. Any commercial lighting fixture can easily be mounted to our truss system for a complete custom look and visual effect.

Available in three and four cord configurations, our engineered precision aluminum lighting truss is easily incorporated into just about any application with ease.

Dance Floors – Create a dynamic atmosphere for your bar or dance floor using our lighting truss system. Integrate our modular truss system and add custom curves to create the perfect effect.

Specialty Exhibits – Museums and art galleries use our truss to create custom effects to highlight exhibits and art pieces for public viewing. Our truss can be used in singular form for individual displays or create an entire ambiance for a room of displays.

Fashion Shows/Concerts – When it comes to the fashion and the entertainment industry, precision lighting is a critical element to success of the show. Having the ability to create different moods and lighting elements on the fly can only be successfully accomplished using precision crafted aluminum truss.

Heritage Building Restoration – When it comes to heritage building restoration, our truss offers a non-intrusive means for mounting lighting systems without interfering with the structure or legacy of the building. In addition our truss can be custom colored to blend into the existing décor using our extremely resilient powder coating process that will withstand extreme conditions and keep its beautiful lustre.

Retail Applications – Creating numerous individual retail displays within the confines of one storefront that change the mood and feel as customers stroll through individual exhibits is easily accomplished with our truss system. For example, a kitchen display can be next to a family room furniture display but have a completely different look and feel simply by adding truss with speciality lighting overhead.

Trade Shows – By incorporating the VersaTruss aluminum truss system into your trade show booth, allows you the freedom to create the perfect display. By using our modular truss system as the foundation for your booth structure, you are ready to add lighting without any additional components other than the lighting system itself.

Commercial Applications – Many commercial buildings have incorporated our truss into lighting systems and custom art presentations in entranceways, conference rooms and outdoor applications around pools and patios.

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The VersaTruss Aluminum Lighting Truss System offers a Lightweight solution that is extremely Strong, Resilient, Modular by design, easily Customized and is Cost Effective for all applications.

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