Miami Dolphin Hard Rock Playing Field Entrance

Miami Dolphins Hard Rock Café Needed A New Playing Field Entrance

So what happens when you need to create a new entrance way for your home team football playing field that needs to be spectacular. It needs to be visually exciting for the audience, create energy, pump up the crowd with smoke, noise and lots of color before game time. It has to have pyrotechnic capability, be flexible for accessories and removable at the end of the game but easy to set up for the next game day.

How do you do you accomplish this?

Well the first step is to contact Versatruss and have a conversation about what you need. It’s really that simple, we talk over the phone, have a discussion about the structure you need and what it’s purpose is, then we help you design it.

In this case, the Miami Dolphins need to create a new explosive entrance for their new playing field, located at 347 Don Shula Drive Miami Gardens, Florida just north of Miami. The stadium has a capacity of 64,767 patrons on two bowl levels For the new entrance tunnel to be effective, it needed to be large enough to be seen from all venues within the bowl region. Not an easy task, but when you engage VersaTruss, there is always a way.

This style of aluminum truss entranceway is a complete custom fabrication yet is also modular for ease of assembly and structure modifications. This truss format has been used for numerous projects created by VersaTruss including a number of exhibits in multiple Disney Land locations for example this exhibit to the right with the exception of the Tri-Truss uprights.

As with any VersaTruss structure, the framework easily accommodates accessories and custom attachments, in this case, as mention earlier, pyrotechnics, flame throwers and smoke machines and of course the vinyl outer shell. With all of these attachments, the structure must not only be lightweight for handling and assembly but the structure must be extremely strong to support the equipment.

In all cases the VersaTruss product line met or exceeded the requirements with ease.

Want to See the Entrance Way In Action…Check Out These Videos



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