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Companies very rarely take part in only one trade show per year. Statistics show on average most Portable-Truss-Trade-Show-Boothscompanies take part in a minimum of four shows within a twelve month timeframe with many exceeding twenty per year. The simple reason for this is that company branding, repetitive product presentation and availability is critical for businesses to not only succeed but support increased growth and product awareness.

With all of the required travelling, setups and teardowns over a twelve month period, portability, lightweight and simple assembly is becoming a key defining factor for exhibitors when they are considering a new display booth.



Portable Displays

Portable displays come in many designs and configurations. Everything from pop-up displays

Snap Ring Quick Clip For Truss Trade Show Booths

Quick Connect Ring

to banner stands are on the market today however aluminum display truss by far is the leading foundation for trade show booths, exhibits and kiosks for very good reasons..

Aluminum exhibit truss offers so many options especially if you choose to use quick connect rings for the assembly. “No Tools Required” Assembling a truss trade show booth using quick connect rings basically means that you slide each modular component together and slide a locking ring through the connecting hole and you move onto the next component. A 10 x 20 trade show booth frame can easily be erected in 10 minutes or less.



Light Weight

Each aluminum component weighs much less than it appears. For example the main

Tri Truss Corner

Tri Truss Corner Weighs Less Than 13 Pounds

cross member of a 10 x 10 tri truss traded show booth is 2.2 meters or 7 feet 3 inches long and weighs slightly less than 15 pounds. Each upper corner when assembled will make the booth exactly 10’ wide and each individual corner weighs slightly less than 13 pounds. In other words although the components are extremely strong and resilient, they are also lightweight and easy to handle.

Interchangeability of Graphics

The advantages of using aluminum truss in a trade show booth are so numerous we could not possibly list them all however when it comes to interchangeability of graphics and basic floor plan layout, many exhibitors will have three or four layouts that they interchange and combine for a different look at each exhibit convention.

Finally we have found that many exhibitors will intentionally purchase a 10 x 20 trade show booth kit or larger giving them the freedom to create numerous booth sizes from one display. For example and simplicity, a 10 x 20 truss trade show booth kit can easily be reduced to a 10 x 10 exhibit depending on the requirements of the show or exhibitors will purchase two extra corners and two additional legs allowing them to have two 10 x 10 displays out of the one 10 x 20 kit allowing them to exhibit at two individual shows at the same time.

Basic Requirements of a Successful Trade Show Booth

  • Make sure you can easily assemble and move your booth components as required.
  • Present your organization name professionally and locate it at the highest possible point in your trade show exhibit.
  • Make sure all graphics can easily be read at a distance of 20’ or more.
  • Make sure your exhibit theme is memorable.
  • Prominently position the key point of your graphics in the center.
  • Ensure all tables and accessories are easily assessable and at the proper height.
  • Video screens must be large enough for viewing and placed at the correct height.
  • Make sure your demonstration area is large enough to accommodate your customers.
  • Quantity, quality and placement of lights is critical to properly display your products.
  • Create adequate storage space for items not in use to eliminate clutter.
  • Create a focused area for lead generation and conversations.
  • Make sure the color coordination is pleasing to the eye and memorable.
  • Finally make sure you use a trade show foundation that is contusive to your needs.


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