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Over thirty years ago VersaTruss developed their modular truss configuration that included two, three and four cord truss. This Simplefamous configuration has withstood the test of time and is still to this day considered the industry standard.

If you were to take the very first display truss component that we manufactured so many years ago, that component would mate perfectly with any component coming off of our manufacturing line today. What that means for our customers is that we have trade show booths and truss structures in the field that are over thirty years old and are still in service.

Regularly we receive calls from clients that have purchased one of our trade show booths privately and are surprised to find out that they can still purchase components to change configuration.

Further to the design stability, the aluminum tubing that is used in all of our products is exactly what was used in our first components manufactured. We are still using structural aluminum from the same manufacturer with the same wall thickness and diameter.

Our modular trade show kits make it so simple for the beginner to the advanced exhibitor to create a phenomenal display for a reasonable price that will not only last for years but can be modified at any given time simply by adding or removing components. Our modular kits are available in sizes starting at 6’x6’ square to elaborate multi level structures, octagons and more.


Isn’t it time you experienced the VersaTruss Difference.

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