The Art of Curved Display Truss

When it comes to curved or fully circular display truss, VersaTruss knows exactly what you are talking about. Manufacturing complex curves from aluminum tubing crafting detailed assemblies is a daily occurrence in our manufacturing facility. Our highly skilled team combined with our state of the art CAD design and bending equipment can easily create any style or design of exhibit and display truss configuration.


Under the roof of our custom shop, we have numerous types of pipe bending equipment both manual and powered depending on the complexity and size of the structure. One assembly may require numerous machines and operations to create the final product.

There’s more to creating a display truss circle then meets the eye. Bending structural truss tubing into a circle or curve is one thing, bending the same pipe into a curve so it appealing to the eye without scuff marks and indentations is another.

Ciruclar-Exhibit-and-Display-TrussIt all starts in our 3D computer-aided design (CAD) work area where precision drawings are created for the components in question. Exact measurements are tabulated for each individual component creating a cut list of pieces. This list typically will consist of 2″ (50 mm) OD X .065″ (1.6 mm) wall thickness lengths for the main beams and 1/2″ (12.7 mm) webbing components. Once the material is cut and ready for fabrication, the main beams enter the bending department where the larger arcs are created first typically using one of our digital power pipe benders. Once the main curves are created and inspected for accuracy, the same components will be taken to our smaller pipe benders for additional customization if required by the design.

At this point the individual components are moved to our welding prep team, where the curved pipes and individual web components are laid out in our welding jigs. These jigs are fully adjustable allowing us to completely load the components in place and lock them down so nothing can move. This allows the welders to focus on welding and not stressing about moving parts. Once the assembly is welded and allowed to cool. The assemblies are one again checked for trueness. A combination of digital measuring equipment, tooling and dial gages is used to ensure the components are exactly as designed. This ensures a perfect fit when the full structure is assembled for its fit check before packaging and shipping to our customers.

We keep a full stock of standard lengths and connector/corner components, however no two curved designs are alike, each time we receive an order for a structure which encompasses a curve, the process of customization is engaged. Keep in mind that the once a curved component is created, it will mate with any of our modular components for ease of assemble and modification at a later time if required.


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