Small Marathon Start and Finish Lines

A-Marathon-Finish-LineFor the local small marathon, a start / finish line is a must and VersaTruss is here to help. Our portable aluminum exhibit truss start lines are easy to assemble, light weight and versatile.

Assembly can be done in minutes making these incredibly resilient structures a must for racing events. Sponsors will love the ease of banner attachment and both participants and onlookers will love its professional appearance at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Many of our customers share the cost between numerous locations and event dates making our truss archway start lines even more cost effective.

These amazing structures start at 8’ feet wide and go up to any desire size. They are extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions which allows them to be either a portable or permanent structure depending on the requirement.

Overhead framing can be simply one rail of truss or multiple rails of truss depending on sponsor requirements.

In addition, if the event grows in size, these modular structures are easily increased in size simply by adding components.

Ensuring a race event is successful is critical to its longevity and creating an environment that attracts the public is key. Applying a modular truss structure as your foundation for your race event no matter how big or small is a must.

Summary : Advantages of a Modular Truss Start / Finish Line

  • Can be permanent or portable.
  • Resilient to harsh conditions.
  • Lightweight.
  • Exceptionally strong.
  • Excellent sponsor promotional banner placement.
  • Timing equipment integration is simple.
  • Positive visual appearance.
  • Supports security equipment if required.
  • Cost effective.

For all your race event requirements,  the VersaTruss Modular Aluminum Start / Finish Line is the only answer.

Isn’t it time you experienced the VersaTruss Difference.

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