A New Generation of Display Truss Applications

The promotional industry trends in parallel with the economy. Typically when the economy is in a growth pattern, funds for promotional activities become available and at VersaTruss we will typically see a growth in our trade show and display truss division.

This year however we have seen a noticeable growth in non-traditional applications for display truss. Over and above the standard archways and start/finish lines for races and marathons, we are seeing a steady increase in more aesthetic applications in retail, private sector and residential applications.

From a retail point of view, storefronts have evolved from the traditional lighting and divisional applications for our products to more cosmetic applications designing displays and department, product sectors by integrating the display truss into their exhibits for both cosmetic and functionality. We are seeing everything from high end lighting stores creating elaborate multi level displays for lamps to modernized clothing and cosmetic displays. In addition truss archways are now very popular as entrances for custom lighting etc.

From a residential point of view, we are now seeing an increase in sales to private home owners who are looking for a different approach to backyard decor. We are now selling our modular and custom truss products to customers that simply like the look of the truss and use it as accents within their landscaping and exterior structural designs. Aluminum display truss lends itself easily and effectively to these applications as the truss in manufactured from high grade extruded aluminum that can withstand the most extreme elements including extreme heat, cold, and moisture conditions without losing its beautiful luster.

We have also seen an increase in standard modular sections with our standard bases being used as uprights for gazebos and stands. Keep in mind that not only is the truss functional in many applications, but the main beams are 2” nominal OD which lends itself to mounting of accessories like outdoor lighting etc.

From commercial to residential and sporting events

Modular / Custom Exhibit and Display Truss


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