We have all been to a trade shows, strolling down the aisles passing trade show booth after trade show booth that offer no excitement, no inspiration and worst of all obviously very little thought was put into the presentation of these booths. With so many boring booths at trade shows, its not hard to stand out in the crowd with a little thought and enthusiasm.

Let’s take a look at a few booth ideas that will help you stand in the crowd and make a statement

Think Big

Large objects have always attracted the attention of the human physic. Incorporating large objects into your trade show display will attract attention instantaneously. Ask yourself the question. What can I make big? Thing about large proportions, it is your logo, is it a product. What will bring your company to life that people will recognize and relate to.

Flowing Lines

Long, flowing lines instantly draw eyes towards them. By swooping and stacking lines to create the structure of your trade show booth, you’ll create a booth experience that is dynamic yet simple, delineated yet open.

One of the great advantages of using long lines to structure and decorate your trade show booth is the aesthetic versatility. An otherwise corporate or stuffy booth looks immediately more chic after introducing some dynamic panels and simple structures become infinitely more interesting when stacked.

Living Wall

A living wall is basically a collage or textured pattern of colors, a living wall attracts initial attention quickly so make sure the rest of your booth lives up to the the vinrance of the wall. In addition, living walls visually dynamic but they are also incredibly economical when it comes to set-up, break-down and conserving space.

Repeating Product Walls

Marketing experts will tell you that repletion is a critical factor in closing a deal. This style of wall plays in the human physic. Shoppers are attracted to product walls that are neat tidy and organized. Repeating the product lineup with different colors, options or flavors will make things visually more exciting. Note: Things that are set up at eyelevel will receive more attention.

Overhead Hangings

If your allotted booth assignment is smaller than you’d hoped, your trade show booth design will have to maximize space and employ a few optical tricks to keep things from feeling cramped. One of the best ways to make your booth look instantly larger is to draw attention upwards with vertical hangings.

But overhead hangings can do a lot more than just make your booth feel bigger. They can also be seen from a distance, which is definitely an advantage at crowded trade shows. Furthermore, especially when the hangings are brightly colored and well-lit, they can induce a sense of wonder in visitors.

Enclosed Environments

Creating an enclosed environment at a noisy trade show is a plus, it gives patrons an opportunity to get away from kayos enticing them to stay longer and chat. Its like creating a safe zone in the middle of a crowed environment.

Dynamic Seating

Finally dynamic seating will offer a place to rest. Patrons are typically looking for three things while they are touring at a show. Snacks, giveaways and a place to sit down. By combining these offerings you are increasing your engagement opportunities tenfold.

In conclusion, even though these ideas are tried and proven tactics, they may seem almost impossible to implement into your exhibit display however with the help of a truss trade show booth enclosure, you can easily incorporate most if not all depending on your product line or service.

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