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VesaTruss is one of those success stories that everyone likes to hear. Back in 1991, display truss was for the most part a twinkle in a young  entrepreneur eye. There were a few custom-made displays floating around but they were manufactured out of steel, were heavy and to be honest not necessarily pleasing to the eye.

Grant O’Conner a young gentleman with a vision started to design his own version of display truss but used aircraft aluminum in a garage in a tiny suburb. He had one welder and a dream. He had paper pamphlets made up and would sit down every day and send out these pamphlets to potential clients. It took a while, but his perseverance paid off and soon, one job at a time would trickle in. Before he new what was happening, Grant found himself moving into his first rented building. It was an old building that was once a plumbing shop, but it worked. The business had continued to experience healthy growth and in 1996 a new piece of land was purchased, and construction began for the new head office and manufacturing facility.

Since this date the company has invested in the latest technology to manufacture both modular and custom exhibit and display truss products. Creating complex angles and curved truss is a daily occurrence at VersaTruss.

VersaTruss realized there were two separate needs in the display truss industry 1) Modular high-quality display truss at a reasonable price 2) Customized display truss with the same high quality and finished luster as their modular lineup.

At this point custom and modular truss were separated into two individual processes but housed at the same facility.

The modular department was set up to efficiently manufacture high end display truss with complete interchangeability.  The VersaTruss product lineup is known to be one of the highest quality display truss products on the marker yet unlike its competitors is priced to compete with much lower quality truss simply because of the high efficiency manufacturing facility.

The custom shop builds all the circular truss, custom angles, compound angles and any customized requirements. It must be noted at this point that all of the custom components are manufactured to fit within the modular line so expansive complex displays can be created at a fraction of the cost.

Another keynote is that the very first patent truss product that was manufactured out of the original garage back in 1991 will still to this day mate with any component coming off the modular line. Talk about consistency and quality.

Working with VersaTruss is like having your own manufacturing facility at your fingertips. When you deal directly with VersaTruss you are dealing with the design team if required, and the manufacturing facility all in one. No product markup, no mistakes, no middleman.

If you are looking for any kind of display truss product…. Give VersaTruss A Call…You won’t be Disappointed.

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