VersaTruss Helps Open the New Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row

We would like to introduce you to the Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row. This pavilion is a brand-new outdoor concert venue sponsored by Waterfront Concerts and VersaTruss was there for the opening day.

The 8,200 capacity Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row features a significantly larger stage than previously existed in Southern Maine, with a 175,000-pound load capacity, allowing for large scale performances and concerts that previously would not have been possible in the region. The angle of slope of the venue’s viewing section will offer premium sightlines to all performance attendees and the dynamic seating structure will allow for custom configurations to give the best possible viewing experience for each event. On-site parking and public transit service will provide an accessible performance-going experience, in line with Rock Row’s larger mission of developing a convenient and experiential destination for healthy urban living, retail, modern workplaces, upscale hospitality, and exciting recreation and dining.

Taking into consideration the expansive size of this entertainment park, part of the plan was to create an environment that was easily accessible and blended with the surrounding structures.

Keeping in mind that security and safety is on the top of the list for all patrons, VersaTruss was contracted to help design and manufacture the new/exit entrance archway for the main through-way at the pavilion.


The new archway had to cover a span of almost 57 feet with  an internal clearance height of just over 10 feet. Each through-way aisle had to be a minimum of 20 feet wide.

The final design was created from the VersaTruss four cord product line. The four-cord configuration lends itself well to this type of application as it can easily withstand the rigor requirements of an outside structure that is exposed to the elements.

After reviewing the photo above, you can see that the structure provides plenty of room for promotional type banners and signage.  Each side structure is 6 feet wide with two 20-foot through-ways with a center support. Lighting for this structure has been incorporated both within and eternally creating a truly amazing visual experience at dusk and dark. Down lights have been mounted on the structure itself to offer an unobstructed view as patrons walk towards and through the structure into the pavilion. External spotlights have been added to highlight the promotional banners. The total effect not only creates a visually appealing entranceway but can also be seen from a distance guiding crowds in the right direction without question.

During every event, potentially 8,200 concert goers will enter and exit through this archway.

As with any type of entertainment site, strict rules are in place and the  Maine Savings Pavilion is no exception. The following are not allowed on the grounds:

  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Lawn chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Coolers
  • Outside food or beverages
  • No smoking

It would seem that controlling and enforcing these types of rules may seem to be almost impossible however this structure also incorporates security cameras that are strategically placed between the outer facing platforms. The cameras are almost invisible to the passing crowds yet give security a closer look as people pass through the archways. In essence, the ground security gets direct visual contact with oncoming attendees, but a second, closer look is taken from remote security officers reviewing large monitors that are in direct contact with the ground security.


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