VersaTruss and Britton Bring Your World To Life

Take two great companies, put team them together and what do you get, a truly amazing display booth. Let’s first look at the two companies.

  • VersaTruss – one of the leading manufacturers of modular and custom display truss. Versatruss not only stocks a wide range of modular display truss products with the ability to ship within 24 hours and on many occasions depending on the size of the order same day shipping but also can manufacture any size, shape or configuration of custom display truss.
  • Britton – Brings to the table over 30 years of experience visually connecting with audiences worldwide for events and retail applications using leading edge design to create print, hardware, décor and installation solutions for their customer base. . In this case Britton used their 3D foam creation capabilities to create a large 3d foam sculpture.

So how does a beautiful event display like this one come together. First you apply the versatile lightweight aluminum truss product line from Versatruss. This structure or platform consists of a two level four cord truss assembly including a mezzanine, overhead banner framework, aluminum stairs and a clear glass railing system that not only creates a visually appealing boundary for the display itself but houses a compelling yet comfortable sitting area for potential patrons. The truss offers a contemporary appearance for the display.

For the finishing touches Britton Inc. brings the package together creating all the incredible signage, printing and of course the massive foam 3D muscular statue that event attendees love to have their picture with and in addition play with some feather weight foam dumbbells that look exactly like the real thing.

This is just an example of what teamwork can do. Bring tow incredible companies together and watch what happens.

Working with Britton Inc. as always is an incredible experience for VersaTruss.

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