VersaTruss Brings Excellence To The Promotional Table

When it comes to aluminum lightweight modular display truss, VersaTruss has always been one of the leading providers of this incredibly versatile product line.

For over thirty years, yes three decades we have provided the trade show and exhibit industry modular display truss in every configuration imaginable. We have had the pleasure of partnering with some of the most creative designers in the promotional industry to create incredible designs that capture the eye of the beholder with magnificence and aw.

From the inspirational  Wonderful World of Disney to The Miami Dolphin Playing home playing field, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida the VersaTruss modular display truss system can proudly be found.

When you have a client like the Miami Dolphins who have come back year after year for more creative display truss designs, it makes us proud to be a part of something so incredibly grass roots American. When the Miami Dolphins entered their playing field for their opening home game in 2018, the pyrotechnics and smoke show alike was simply breathtaking all strategically mounded on a tubular tunnel from which the dolphins exploded onto the playing field. It was a spectacular show to behold all manufactured under the roof of the VersaTruss manufacturing facility.

Our customers enjoy the luxury of dealing with our staff directly.  When you are dealing with VersaTruss, you are dealing with the factory. Changes can be incorporated quickly, efficiently and on the fly.

When it comes to cost, well you are dealing directly with the manufacturing facility. There are no middle  markups to deal with allowing us to provide a cost-effective solution at all times.


Industry Leading Aluminum Truss Systems –  VersaTruss

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