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VersaTruss is all about creating visibly appealing aluminum display truss structures for business applications. From Banner Stands and exhibit truss entrances / exits to kiosks and trade show booths. In all cases these structures can be modular, custom or a combination of the two.

Vision systems Inc. is a small Research and Development firm located in Providence, Rhode Island.  Vision systems expertise lies in the fields of computer vision and artificial intelligence / machine learning and serves customers in the government and Geographic Inform Probabilistic Volumetric. These services include: Representation Modeling, 3D GIS Web-Browser Services and Scene Understanding / Recognition.

In this industry You can’t be just another pretty face, you always need to have your best foot forward, which means providing quality products with exceptional customer service but how do you stand out in the crowd in this highly competitive market.

One way is to create a front face that visually attracts customers at trade shows and conventions. This is where VersaTruss steps up to the plate and outshines the competition.

In this case Vision Systems Inc. required an expansive modern looking footprint that would not only be visibly inviting to potential clients, but it had to offer a comfortable atmosphere for hands on product experience.

Normally VersaTruss would recommend a four-cord display truss configuration for a booth of this size, however if you look closely this booth is manufactured with a three-cord configuration for a very good reason. They wanted to further take advantage of the truss itself. By setting up the cross members in this configuration, they can apply 6” high signage that is angled towards their customers throughout their booth. The overall configuration of this trade show booth allows for a full opaque backdrop for privacy. The angled side wings create a defined perimeter from both the inside and outside of the booth. Finally, as you can see there is ample space for products, seating areas and signage.


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