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The dictionary defines support as, “to bear the weight of, especially from below” or “to hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.” In many ways, a truss is a backbone, providing structure and support for the body and allowing it to perform specific movements.


Truss equals support. At Versatruss, we support you and your business by manufacturing the finest truss systems on the market today. Our aluminum truss system, for example, is perfect for any trade show booth, display, exhibit, kiosk and much more.


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As a manufacturer of aluminum truss systems and not a distributor, it is exciting to work with many diverse companies. Our client base is varied. The variety keeps us on our toes. We are given the opportunity to design and create custom truss structures, which can be seen in very public venues.


Our work is timely and cost-effective. The final product can come within days of original discussions with the clients. At the beginning of the week, you can be in discussion about a project. Then, by the weekend, turn on the TV and see the truss in a large entrance way or sign in a major broadcasted sporting event. Just sit back and watch the magic!


Versatruss and partnerships


Versatruss has been excited with its partnership with Planet Fitness locations all across North America. Since 2006, Versatruss has supplied our aluminum triangular truss to over 300 locations. The truss has been used in all new locations and redesigned locations. The aluminum truss has been used to suspend up to 30 monitors per location, and has greatly changed the look of the Planet Fitness locations.


Using our aluminum truss system, Planet Fitness has been able to adapt its look as it moves and grows into the future. Some of the most dramatic changes have been in the older heritage buildings in the New York area. In these older buildings, the truss is supported to the floor and not suspended from the ceiling. This helps preserve the architecture of these older buildings.


At Versatruss, we believe in the integrity and beauty of buildings; they are works of art. We do not compromise a building’s infrastructure; we complement it.


Another excited partnership has been with Britten Media services. Over the past six years, we have supplied our truss for exciting displays at events such as the Fed-Ex Cup, NASCAR and several tennis and golf events. With the graphic and printing capabilities of Britten Media, we have been able to create many large focal entrance and sign displays.


With Britten Media’s large client base, we have been exposed to many unique customer entranceways. The customization and quick turnaround time to get the structures on site in time to have graphics fitted for the beginning of large events has been challenging and rewarding. It is certainly a rush!


The best kind of support is brought about by a healthy relationship and we take pride in our relationships with each of our clients. If you or your business has need for a tradeshow display truss or a modular aluminum truss system, contact Versatruss today!

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