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At VersaTruss, Its All About Speed – Dover International Speedway

In Dover, Delaware, United States the Famed Dover International NASCAR Speedway can be found and once again, so can VersaTruss. Sprinkled throughout the race track landscape, examples of the VersaTruss exhibit and display truss product line can be found. At first glance the new Pro Drone Raceway / Cage would probably catch your eye first with its glimmering modern looking aluminum truss framework and custom truss obstacles that the drones must maneuver through at incredible speeds. Maybe it could be the curved truss archway that guides eager patrons toward the main track entrance in anticipation of their first glimpse of the monster mile or possibly the FEDEX/ Monster Mile archway that can be found at gate 2 with its wide stance and Monster Mile top banner. But this article is not about the big projects that VersaTruss has built and managed for the speedway, it’s about something that is critically important but much smaller than our typical projects at the famous speedway.

On any given day the Dover International speedway nicknamed the “Monster Mile” accommodates 85,000 spectators plus pit crews race drivers, organizers plus plus plus. People management is the name of the game and proper signage is incredibly important to direct traffic, people and all movement in and around the track grounds.

These signs serve several purposes, first and foremost, they identify the exact location where a spectator is standing or driving, secondly, they identify where key locations are for example, parking lots, entrances, exits, ticket booths etc., and of course let’s not forget about sponsor banners. This is where once again, VersaTruss comes into the picture.

In this case, the Management at Dover Speedway realized they required a means to have signs that would not only clearly meet the needs of their customers and sponsors alike but had to be portable and modular at the same time.

VersaTruss was contacted to develop a solution. To be quite honest, the solution was simple, fast and cost effective.  A four cord square truss configuration was used for this structure. The four cord truss system offers a lightweight yet strong configuration for free standing applications. Two cord ladder truss was used for the two center cross members which not only gives the assembly its structural integrity, but also allows for easy banner placement. The top and bottom cross members are simple 2” aircraft aluminum struts.

When assembled, this modular structure can easily be relocated. It can be disassembled and assembled quickly upon request and banners can be changed on the fly. Best of all, it will never loose it’s contemporary appearance.

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