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Cherries are big deal down in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, USA. If you ever want to see something truly amazing, you need to take a trip to Michigan and visit Traverse City when the cherry trees are in full bloom. It’s a sight that is so beautiful, it should not be missed and don’t forget your camera, better yet visit when the National Cherry Festival is in full swing and have some real fun.

Recognized as one of the top 10 events to attend by USA Today, The National Cherry Festival, steeped in tradition, resonates pure Michigan through and through. From bringing ‘pure’ local agriculture to the one of Michigan’s premier destinations; to hosting guests in one of Michigan’s most beautiful beach towns, the Cherry Capital of the World Traverse City, the National Cherry Festival is proud be one of Michigan’s brightest gems. Bosting an attendance in excess of half a million people each year over an eight day and growing, an event of this size requires, proper crowd control, visible signage and entrance exit identification without exception.

VersaTruss one of the leading exhibit and display truss manufacturers was called upon to solve a problem. The National Cherry Festival required a new entrance archway. The needed something large and in charge that would allow them to proudly fly their banners and guide eager patrons onto the grounds of the festival in a safe yet appealing manner.

VersaTruss offered a solution that combined their modular four cord truss system for the main frame with a custom curved top creating a beautiful circular archway. The truss itself is of the four cord configuration offering extreme strength and stability. Each side has four upright truss assemblies tied together by truss cross members. The custom curved top is encorperated into the assembly by custom curved truss corner brackets. Finally all of the components are manufactured in the VersaTruss manufacturing facility from high quality aircraft aluminum.

When it comes to aluminum display archways, nobody does it better thane Versatruss

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