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From the NHL and NFL to the largest racing and marathon events, VersaTruss has been there providing truss products for a wide range of applications.

Aluminum truss start and finish lines for both big and small racing events including indoor archways for go-cart tracks. In some cases these truss archways span numerous traffic lanes, not only providing a definitive starting point but providing banner space for major sponsors. On the other end of the spectrum, we provide singular archways for local community races and benefit events alike.

For the larger more sporting and entertainment events, for example in the case of the NHL and NFL, VersaTruss has provided everything from podiums and contest prize exhibits to full up truss entranceways that provide excellent measures for crowd control and security. These large archway entranceways can be seen from a distance to oncoming patrons and guide the public through predetermined entranceways and again are a perfect venue for major sponsor banners.

Let’s not forget about Canada, VersaTruss has provided truss structures for sporting events nationwide, for example the entrance way used year after year at the ScotiaBank Place, now known as the Canadian Tire Center, home of the Ottawa Senators for the Fan Fest and Draft Pick celebrations. In this case the entranceway in question has been powder coated in the Senators team colors to blend in with its surroundings.

Another interesting project completed in Canada was the entrance way the famous Winterlude held every year in Ottawa. The Winterlude celebration boasts the longest skating rink in the world, ice sculpture competition featuring Artists from around the world, outdoor concerts and host of other amazing attractions. VersaTruss designed and manufactured not only all of the entranceways to the events but created stands for ice sculpture descriptions, banner stands for information banners and sponsor stands.

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No matter what how big or how small, modular or custom, VersaTruss has the capability to create your vision from our versatile, resilient truss product line.


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