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From the far reaches of North, South, East and West USA to coast to coast in Canada,  VersaTruss provides their modular and custom VersaTruss Display truss International Shipping-1display truss products to their customer base.

A conjunction of factors and economic developments lies behind rising transportation costs for the valued customers of VersaTruss. At the center of today’s transport challenges are oil prices. Freight movement in most modes remains largely dependent on ever-more expensive and finite fossil fuels, primarily diesel fuel.

An equally influential factor in transportation costs, the demand-supply imbalance of freight transport services, is a repercussion of trade growth that has outpaced the availability of transport services to such an extent that it has led to serious issues of congestion and capacity constraint in the United States and Canada. The remarkable growth in U.S. and Canadian international trade in the last 10 years has resulted in rapid growth of traffic volumes throughout the nation’s transport system.

There are three main contributing factors to the logistics congestion effecting shipping costs today:Shipping

  • Companies are now  shifting  from off-shoring to near-shoring manufacturing
  • A shift from product design for marketability and production to design for “shipability”
  • A shift from lean inventory policies to hybrid lean transport/inventory policies

While VersaTruss has “Never” adopted offshore manufacturing and has always believed that their products need to be North American Made Display Truss-Versatrussmanufacturing in North America keeping North Americans employed, however they still have to deal with the unfavorable shipping conditions caused by legacy organizations.

VersaTruss realizes how important transit times and shipping costs are for our customers. Today customers have come to expect appropriate shipping solutions.

With a focus on customer service and cost reduction, VersaTruss has set up numerous logistical avenues to accommodate our customers. Each and every shipment that leaves our shipping bay has been closely evaluated for the best possible transition solution.

Factors the play a key role on shipping cost are:

  • Size of the booth or product
  • Weight
  • Desired receipt lead-time
  • Carrier method
  • Location

The size of the product plays a key role in the choice of carriers. Many of the cheaper carriers have weight and size limitations where as larger carries can accommodate large irregular shipments.Shipping Considerations for Display Truss

The weight again plays a key role. Many carriers have weight restrictions. One advantage here is the VersaTruss display truss product line is fabricated from structural aluminum. For the most part, this allows most carriers to handle the weight of our products unless a very large booth is purchased.

Lead-time is a critical factor when it comes to shipping costs. The longer the customer can wait, the less they will pay. It is that simple. Overnight shipments cost premiums. Extending the receipt lead-time can reduce the shipping costs in excess of 50% depending on the desired location.

The previous three considerations will for the most part dictate the “Type of carrier” however not all carries are the same. The trick is to use a carrier that will handle the products with care at an economical price.

Shipping Investigation and SolutionsEvaluating this simplistic view of the logistics to ship our products both locally and internationally, VersaTruss has set up numerous logistical avenues for our customer shipments including small regional warehouses for drop shipments and logistical handoffs. In many examples, combining these avenues will not only save money but expedite the shipment to our customers doorstep.

One thing you can rest assured, VersaTruss will create the proper solution for your shipping needs that will get your products shipped to your location, on time, in perfect condition and at the lowest cost possible.

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