VersaTruss Specializes in Exhibit and Display Truss

VersaTruss specializes in the manufacture and direct shipment to customers with no middle man of high-quality exhibit truss, display truss and lighting truss.

Over almost four decades we have established ourselves as one of the premier leading aluminum truss manufactures in the world.  Rest assured some of the most exciting aluminum display truss structures across the US and abroad were manufactured by VersaTruss.

Creating a truss structure should be a relaxing experience. One of our experienced staff members will be glad to walk you through the process and make your vision come true.

From a trade show point of view, we offer to many standardized variations to list with options to suit almost any situation or budget. From our basic 10’ x 10’ 3 cord truss introductory exhibit booth to massive multi-functional, multi-dimensional majestic structures that can house incredibly large displays including heavy equipment, yachts and vehicles of all sorts.

When it comes to customized aluminum trade show booth structures, you are in good hands with VersaTruss. We can manufacture any size, of aluminum display with eye appealing curves, full circles and angles. We will build to print or help you design your booth to perfection to meet any application.

Trade Show Booths are only a portion of our vast portfolio. We will create the perfect start line / finish line for any event from marathons to auto-racing. From an organizer point of view, nothing beats the versatility that an aluminum truss start line offers. From banners and sound equipment to timers and security, all your race needs can be encompassed in one structure.

Of course, let’s not forget the advantages of aluminum lighting truss that will light up any store, bar, or display. We have manufactured both standard and custom lighting truss for just about every application from museum displays and restaurants to bars and stadiums.

When it comes to Exhibit and Display Truss, VersaTruss is your one stop shop for all your standard and custom display truss needs.


Display Truss Specifications


Triangular Display Truss

Load Bearing 2″ Triangular Truss


Triangular Truss Basic Junction Weight Table

Triangular Truss Weight Table


Box or Square Truss

Load Bearing 2″ Square or Box Truss


Box or Square Truss Basic Junction Weight Table


Square or Box Truss Weight Table


Industry Leading Aluminum Truss Systems –  VersaTruss

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