VersaTruss has so much to offer

VersaTruss has so much to offer for both new business and established business when it comes to trade show booths. There truss kit lineup encompasses literally hundreds of designs that are ready to ship upon request.

Each and every kit comes complete with all hardware required to assemble the kit, all you need to do is get your signage and accessories and you are ready to go. No need for expensive design costs, you can do it all your self at a fraction of the cost.

We thought we would share with you some of our more popular models

10×10 Truss Booth – This is one of our most popular truss booths along  with the 10×20. These booths offers flexibility in design and can be increased in size at any given time simply by purchasing more truss components.

20 x 20 Trade Show Booth Kit. For the company looking for a larger footprint the 20 x 20 may be the perfect choice. These structures work well for housing larger products and is available with or without a center post.

20 x 20 Octagon Booth This majestic looking truss trade show booth is a true marvel at any trade show. The structure itself attracts attention simply because of its clean lines and multiple angles. It offers endless opportunities for signage and accessories with easy access from any side.

Full Retail Enclosures –  Our complete truss retail enclosures are always a winner for all types of exhibits. They offer more of a professional atmosphere with a defined entrance and exit.  These structures are available in virtually any size and again, can be increased in size at any time.

Triangular Corner Booth – The triangular or corner booth is always a winner for several reasons. The triangular structure fits well into corners of a trade show. The corner is always a strategically a good spot as people tend to linger and typically the rental cost per Sq. Ft. is cheaper.


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