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When it comes to custom work, Versatruss takes pride in being one of the most versatile and capable exhibit and display truss manufacturers in the market today. In the past we have discussed our capabilities and shared with our customer base our full spectrum of available features and customization options.

Not all of our custom work involves curves and complex compound angles. Sometimes our customers simply have a vision of a structure with nice clean square lines. Take for example the 20 x 20 cross structure below. In this case the specification required no only clean lines, but a structure that could withstand more weight than normally would be expected of a standard display truss structure. In addition our customer did not want to use anchors to hold the structure down as it would be subjected to potentially harsh weather condition and high winds.

The designers at Versatruss worked with the customer and came up with the illustrated structure below. To accommodate the additional weight requirements, the standard singular center post was replaced with a truss assembly that combines 4 standard lengths of truss.

20x20-with-center-postIn most cases the light weight of the truss is a plus for ease of handling however in this case, the light weight was a problem. The anchoring requirement was resolved by manufacturing custom feet that mount directly onto the display truss legs that weigh 150 pounds each.

The truss itself is manufactured from high grade aircraft aluminum giving it the ability to withstand rain, snow and ice conditions. The detailed welded web assembly of the truss lengths and its webbing gives it superior strength and the weighted feet will keep it safely in place during high winds.

This 20 x 20 truss booth with its quad center post and weighted feet is a perfect example of a standard booth that needed some customization to meet the customers needs.

At Versatruss, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers get exactly what they need, when the need it while having a positive experience. It is this simple mindset that has positioned Versatruss to enjoy over three decades of success with an exhaustive list of satisfied repeat customers.
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