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Curved Truss Bar DesignAt VersaTruss, we take pride in our incredible ability to provide any style or configuration of aluminum truss imaginable. From our internationally renowned modular tri and box truss configurations to our limitless custom truss capability. Versatruss can manufacture virtually any style or design imaginable from complex / intricate multi directional connectors to curves and full on circles.

In some cases the designs are massive and span over large areas, or possibly an overhead entrance to your favorite hockey or football team stadium but of course there are our customers that are looking for a simple 10x 10 truss trade show booth or maybe it is as simple as an overhead circular topping for a bar or entertainment room as is this case.

Circular overhead structures have become extremely popular and have many applications. It can be as simple as a large mobile in a Decorative aluminum trussshopping center or hotel lobby as seen in the picture to the left or potentially it is an overhead full circular assembly to create atmosphere in your resort dance hall.

These custom curved entertainment lighting truss assemblies provide infinite possibilities for atmosphere generation. From exciting lighting and metallic balls to center structures for draping and silks for weddings and special events these circular aluminum truss assemblies meet the bill providing strength and overall flexibility.

Unlike many display truss manufactures, VersaTruss offers full on automated truss bending / curving capability. Our state of the art equipment can quickly and easily create any curve or circular design required.

No matter what the application, VersaTruss can create the perfect curved or circular aluminum truss assemble for lighting or aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to Exhibit and Display Truss, nobody does it better than VersaTruss

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