VersaTruss Visits the KidsPlay Museum

The KidsPlay Children’s Museum in Torrington Connecticut provides children with an environment that fosters imagination and creativity through interactive exhibits and play that will deepen their appreciation and understanding of the sciences, the arts and the world around them. The museum itself is a place where children learn through hands-on and multi-sensory activities.

The main theme of the museum is to provide a setting where children can practice developmental skills such as role-playing, sharing, communicating and self-control.

This amazing experience is geared towards children ages 1 to 8 with exciting exhibits and programs in science, arts and literacy.

Keeping within the theme of the museum, VersaTruss was contacted to create a simply yet appealing structure for the kids play and break area. The requirements were simple, they needed a structure that was safe, created a psychological boundary and was modern in appearance to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The solution was a simple yet eye catching structure created from our modular tri truss configuration. The boundary style truss assembly blends peacefully into its surroundings yet draws the children in with its unique appearance. It provides a feeling of security for the children yet leaves the complete area open for parental and staff observation and oversight.

In addition cross members were added providing the ability to hang overhead objects and graphics depending on the theme of the month. This timeless assembly is a perfect example how simplicity makes perfect.

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